La La Land

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My artwork is a representation of the beauty I see in nature and the delicacy of the world around us.  

Every moment in our lives has potential to be magical. They are the essential beauty and purpose of my existance.  I make the most out of each of those special moments, and then, all else that I will need will come. 

The process behind a piece of my artwork starts with my heart trembling to a magical moment I encounter on an ordinary day. I photograph, sketch, and play around making drafts to absorb colors, lights, shapes, and feelings that come along with the source.  

Those steps will be followed by an extensive hours of me trying to find the connection of every elements of what was there then with now.


Then, I develop outlines the way I find them, add shapes of lights, building layer upon layer using various media on a surface I find myself intuned with. 

I find the whole process of creating artwork soothing and synchronizing. When I finally get to the point of unveiling the artwork, the feeling is....


I'm thrilled by the thought that somewhere along the line, my artwork may inspire you.   

What made you smile today?

Anna Malena Vistam

From: Sweden, Hawaii, & Japan

Freelance & global